10 SeptemberWhy to Involve Elysian in Your Insurance Claim

While it may seem that it makes sense to file an insurance claim before hiring a contractor, you should really involve Elysian Construction in that process. We will work with you and your insurance company to make sure that you receive the money that you are entitled to and to ensure that you are not slighted in any way.

The reasons to involve Elysian Construction in your insurance claim are plentiful, but here are our top three reasons that you should be aware of.

1) We know the home insurance industry.

First and foremost, we are able to represent you with our knowledge and integrity in order to receive the money you deserve from your insurance company. A common misconception is that insurance companies will always act in your best interest. This is not the case however, as insurance companies are exactly what their name states—a company. This means that they are looking to make a profit and often will not hesitate to cut corners with their inspection.

2) Accurate home insurance estimates. 

We have years of experience dealing with insurance claims. We have been working with insurance companies for many years and we have the experience and knowledge needed to get you an accurate estimate.

3) Never miss unclaimed home damage.

There are oftentimes damages that are hidden and go unnoticed during the first inspection. Elysian Construction has a great deal of experience inspecting damaged homes and we rarely miss things in our inspections. We know what to look for and what hidden damages often accompany noticeable ones. If we do happen to miss something we will help you to file for a re-inspection and help you receive assistance from your insurance company in paying for additional damages.

Elysian Construction is one of the top-rated construction companies in the Minneapolis area. We have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau along with numerous other accolades. We have a history of helping customers receive the assistance they deserve for their home repairs and that is why it is important to work with us or another contractor when filing an insurance claim.

For more information or to get started on filing an insurance claim contact us below and we will send one of our experts to your home and get you started on the path to fixing your home.

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